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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just finished

I just finished watching the movie

"White men can't jump"

It was good, I would recommend it to everybody.


  1. DO a short review? Is it an old movie?

  2. can you provide more information about it? what's good in it etc.?

  3. It's pretty much about 2 men that meet eachother, one black and one white. And they attempt to make money off of the stereotype that white men can't jump, aka, white men are universally bad at basketball and they pretty much try to get some spare cash on the side using this method. But then tragedy hits towards the end and I won't spoil anything for anyone.

  4. It is an older movie, but a good one. One of Woody Harrelson's early works. Funny too.

    New Follower! Good luck with the blog.

  5. Old one, saw it years ago, its funny.

  6. i love '' Mr Nobody'' from jaco van dormael watch it